Participants will race at Winnemac Stadium’s cinder track (cinder is fine gravel mixed with ash). Riders will complete 25 miles with their teammates, sharing a single speed bike loaned by Active Trans. Participants will be divided into divisions.

Each team member must be registered in the same category. 


Day of Event Timeline:

Please arrive 1 hour before your race start time to check in, retrieve your bikes and take a few practice laps.

Registration/check in opens at 8:00am

Team Relay-10:00am

Please note that start times may move up depending on the number of registered participants. Final race schedule will be emailed on Monday, August 14th. 


Competition Levels:

Elite Men*

This division is open to male riders who participate in races regularly and have a USA cycling rating (Cat 1-5). 


Elite Women*

This division is open to female riders who participate in races regularly and have a USA cycling rating (Cat 1-5). 


This division is open to men and women of all skill levels. 


This division is open to men and women of all skill levels, age 35 and up. 

*If you are an established rider we kindly ask that you do not downgrade to an Open division to increase your odds of winning.


Logistics and Rules

  • Each division will have a capacity of 24 teams. Teams are provided entry on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Start position will be determined by registration order. Sign up early to secure the best spot possible! 
  • Each team will be required to raise a minimum of $1,250 to secure two bikes for their team
  • Teams are encouraged to wear matching jerseys, tech tees, matching costumes or tutus!
  • You must be 18 years or older on race day.
  • Helmets required in order to race!


Each team will be assigned a pit along the circumference of the track. These pits will be ten feet long and will be designated for the team members’ use (i.e. chairs, warm-up, etc.). Each team is allowed to have a maximum of 6 people in its pit on race day—the registered four riders who will ride in the race, one coach, and a mechanic. All others associated with the bike team must be situated in the stands. It shall be the responsibility of the pit crew to aid in the servicing of the team’s bicycle.

Exchanging riders

Teams are allowed to change riders as often as they wish, but must change a minimum of 3 times. Each bike exchange must take place at the approved exchange zone near the start line. A judge provided by Active Trans will be in place to assist with positioning riders to ensure the optimal handoff occurs. If the incoming rider fails to start the exchange in the correct area, they must continue around one more lap.

Start and Finish

The race will be a rolling start where an initial flag is waved and a pace lap commences. Riders must stay behind pacer. As riders come back around to begin their second lap the “green flag” will be waved and the race will be underway. Pace lap does not count toward the riders 100 laps. Active Trans will have spotters stationed at the finish line to count laps and to watch time.